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“Mother Nature’s solution to ecological problems”

Upstream Natives is committed to preserving and restoring the native seed population of North America through ecologically safe collection methods and propagation techniques that will maintain local ecotypes and promote overall genetic diversity.

Collections of ecosystem components for genetically appropriate restoration were made by our Research Director (PhD, Duke, Ecology and Genetics). Our collections are from the Willamette Valley, Cascades, Coast Range, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington and Western Idaho. Our seed sources are traceable to exact location.

We are currently working with the USDA Hyslop Field Station to refine our propagation techniques and look for alternative uses for native materials.

With Oregon State University, we are working to find proper and effective species to use as filter strip barriers along waterways and ditches to reduce chemical runoff into rivers. We are also growing out native bunch grasses to seed for habitat for carnivorous beetles in the Beetle Bank project. (See OSU’s “Farmscaping for Beneficials” site.)

Contact us for a list of available seed.

We can also do variety trials, weed competition trials, or other field trials at our Research Station.

Member: ASTA (Native Materials Division), Society for Ecological Restoration, Linn County Small Woodlands, National Audubon Society, and Plant Conservation Alliance.